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Nicole Peterson, Jan 19, 10:28: Edit

wenever i enter a game i like start like flieing around and i like go though like ervything like really fast like okay i like looked up it and google like toled me its like called like noclipping or something like that

and i like cant stop the noclipping from like taking me though stuff like everywre in the map

yagotta like fix this guys like please someone might like like use the power for bad like ya knowhat im saiding?

actually wait like you cant fix stuff your just customer suppert yagotta just like tell me how to like fix it like on my own

so what doi like gottado to make the like noclipping stop like taking me on a like ride though like every things


Susan, Jan 20, 16:27: Edit

Hello Nichole,

Thank you for writing to us. It would be very helpful if you could make a youtube video of what's happening to your character when you are playing a game. Please make a video of what's happening, upload it to first (customer service is not able to view other video formats) and then please reply with the link to the video.


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